Mermaid Tail & Monofin – Navy / Gold Butterfly

Our tails are made from top quality lycra, with a powerful (separate) monofin or flipper. The monofin is constructed from a 3mm plastic inner and neoprene outer for comfort – and slips onto the foot like a flipper. The lycra tail is like a long lycra fitted skirt, with a flap that pulls over the monofin.


Waist: measure the circumference of the waist at belly button level

Length: measure the length from the waist at belly button level to the ankle bone


  • 7-8 yrs (Waist: 57-64cm / Length: 71-80cm)
  • 9-10 yrs (Waist: 64-71cm / Length: 76-86cm)
  • 11-12 yrs (Waist: 66-76cm / Length: 86-95cm)


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9-10yrs, 11-12yrs