With our mermaid tail, your child can become a mythical creature gliding through the underwater world – doing a combination of free diving, water ballet and bit of fun water fantasy!

We are confident you will be thrilled when you see your little mermaid princess light up as her wildest swimming dreams come true…

Easy to put on and available in three sizes (currently available to fit sizes 7-8yrs, 9-10yrs and 11-12yrs) the tails come in an ever changing array of colours.

Our tails are made from top quality lycra, with a powerful (separate) monofin or flipper. The monofin is constructed from a 3mm plastic inner and neoprene outer for comfort – and slips onto the foot like a flipper. The lycra tail is like a long lycra fitted skirt, with a flap that pulls over the monofin.

With this tail, your mermaid can propel through the water like a dolphin while getting a fantastic aerobic workout and strengthening the core and legs!

Not only is the tail used for fun, but can also be used during competitive swimming training, synchronized swimming and other water sports.

Sizing guide …


  • measure the circumference of the waist at belly button level


  • measure the length from the waist at belly button level to the ankle bone


  • 7-8 yrs (Waist: 57-64cm / Length: 71-80cm)
  • 9-10 yrs (Waist: 64-71cm / Length: 76-86cm)
  • 11-12 yrs (Waist: 66-76cm / Length: 86-95cm)